Does your dog or puppy jump up on you?

The most important part of changing behaviours is to set your dog up so that they get it right. When we arrive home we expect that our dog will be glad to see us and greet us like a long lost friend. We love that they are glad to see us and we are just as glad to see them. So how do we train them to greet us with all their feet on the ground?

Think about what sort of things you can put in place so your dog doesn’t jump on you. Can you set up a baby gate that separates where you enter from where your dog is so that you have a chance to put your bags down and they have a chance to calm a little before you greet them? When you do go to say hi have some really great treats in your hand and get down low. Hold the treats down low and reward your dog for having four feet on the floor. Give them pats and treats while all four feet are on the floor and keep you voice soft and calm. If your voice is excited then it will be even harder for them to stay calm. Remember this is a really hard time for your dog to be able to control themselves try not to ask for too much in the beginning. Just keeping four feet on the floor is enough in the beginning as they get better and better you can start to ask for a sit when you arrive home.

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