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Welcome to The Positive Pet Project

The Positive Pet Project offers training specific to the individual needs of you and your pet. 

Proven & Effective

The Positive Pet Project is all about you and your pets living your best life together. We teach you how to train your pet using science based force free methods.

Our Services

We are experts in the latest scientifically proven techniques and have a knack for explaining them in ways you and your animal will understand. We use the same positive methods that trusted professional trainers use in zoos and shelters worldwide. They are safe and effective.

Brooke Foy is the owner of The Positive Pet Project and is a Delta Institute Certified Professional Dog Trainer (MDI) (CPDT). She is a highly skilled evidence-based positive reinforcement trainer and animal behaviour expert who is passionate about assisting people to create and build a trusting relationships with their pets.

Not only does Brooke have extensive experience training animals, a 20-year career in social science means that Brooke can relate to humans as well as she can relate to their pets – which is the key to the success of her companion animal training business. 

She has also worked with exotic animals in behaviour enrichment and training husbandry behaviours and has spent many years working with local animal rescue organisations training volunteers and developing and implementing training programs for the animals in their care.

All our training is customised which means that we design our services around you, your situation, your environment and you and your pets personalities. The internet and group training classes are a great source of information if you know how to apply that information to your specific circumstances. We are experts at accessing each situation and identifying the simplest process to gain the results you want. Our clients see their pets as part of their family and we pride ourselves in the ability to help our clients build their relationship through better communication and create better lives together.

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