The Positive Pet Project offers dog training, pet training and behavior consulting that focuses on both pets and their owners. We show you how to train your dog or other pet using the best, scientifically proven training techniques – so you and your pet can truly understand one another.

Here’s what our clients are saying

When we first got Tucker we were very excited, we had visions of taking him off leash at the park and Tuck loving the family and visa versa. However, things didn’t pan out as we had hoped. Almost as soon as we got him home, he started exhibiting behaviour like snapping and growling and when walking, he was frantic and often lunged out at cars. The joys of dog ownership were seemingly nowhere to be found so we decided to enrol him in a training course with The Positive Pet Project. It was by far the best thing we did. Yes, Tuck did learn to listen to us but more importantly we learnt how to listen to him. We learnt how to manage his anxiety and set him and us up for success. Once we started listening to Tuck we instantly became more and more bonded. With guided training from Brooke, Tucker has been introduced to more and more family members and friends and the cuddles and smooches are endless. The guidance, support and at times reassurance we received from Brooke was invaluable and we have her training and advice to thank for our progress.

Georgia White23rd February 2016

“Thank you for your training help with Riley. My worst nightmare happened on Sunday when Riley got off lead in public (silly clip) and took off up the road. I called his name and shouted come! While I had tested and trained this at home we hadn’t practiced this in public! To my absolute delight he stopped, turned and bolted back. Thank you again for all the training tips – it has so paid off:)”

Kerry Mitton1st June 2015 via Facebook

“As rather clueless new owners of an enthusiastic German Shepherd puppy, we have received much helpful advice and comfort from the classes and consultations with Brooke (and her team). They were very patient and good-natured, providing lots of one-on-one tuition that catered specifically to Gretel’s individual behaviours. Their positive reinforcement approach works well with our sometimes challenging but gorgeous puppy.”

Phil and Mary Rowland 11th June 2015

“I have now attended two of Brooke’s puppy class programs with my black lab, Berkeley (Puppy Class and Senior Puppy Class). I have learnt so much from these classes and I have signed up for the next one. Brooke, in my opinion, is one of the best trainers around. She is very welcoming and accommodating to people’s different needs and wants, she is extremely good with dogs and has a lot of patience for humans – because let’s face it we are harder to train! I am now doing things with Berkeley that I didn’t think were possible, so I would and recommend Brooke and her team to any owner who loves their dog and wants the best for them.”

Chris Bushell15th June 2015

“Mocca and myself have attended Brooke’s adult dog training classes. Mocca is a very anxious and reactive Staffordshire Bull Terrier who we adopted from a rescue group in 2010. Brooke taught us methods to help Mocca relax which include massage and knowing when to recognise what situations might cause Mocca’s anxiety levels to escalate. We learnt how to make Mocca’s home life more enriching when we can’t be there as well as basic commands and loose leash walking. I highly recommend Brooke, as she is a kind and compassionate professional who keeps abreast of current developments in the dog training industry. All the methods Brooke teaches and uses, are non-aversive and make learning fun for both dogs and humans alike. I consider us very lucky to have a dog trainer of Brooke’s calibre in our area.”

Pauline Horniblow20th June 2015
“We contacted Brooke in 2011 when we had some behavioural issues arise with our Labradors. Brooke came to our house and conducted a thorough consultation and provided us with some great solutions to our issues. Some of the ideas that she provided us we still use to this day. Brooke taught us about positive reinforcement and we saw an immediate improvement in our dogs’ behaviour. Brooke also provided notes specific to our discussion post consultation, which we still refer to. She was always so friendly, helpful and honest to deal with and I highly recommend her without question.”
Jodie Tyler24th June 2015

Brooke, we value your calm, non-judgemental input, assistance and advice. The rapport you quickly establish with both dogs and people is amazing. I know the time you spent with us in January during our behaviour consultation gave me the confidence to establish a connection with Ruby that will grow into a life long and rewarding relationship, even if it is different from my hopes and expectations. The implementation of your training plan has made a difference for all three of us, and understanding  how positive reinforcement works to lessen the behaviours you don’t want.

Alison Martin7th March 2016

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our recent course.  We learnt so many positive ways to communicate and understand our delightful puppy, and know that we and he will only continue to improve with this foundation of knowledge. For example, every day I marvel at the difference in using “high stakes” vs ”everyday” treats to encourage Brady when he clearly has other plans! Kate and Chris were both wonderful.  Knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and supportive of our clumsy efforts to implement each new skill.

Deirdre and John8th December 2016

We adopted our dog Chiquita in May 2016. Chiquita is, once you gain her trust, the most beautiful dog, but until then she is very shy and thinks that everything and everyone is very scary. After an agility course (at another dog school) didn’t work out, we wanted to set Chiquita up for success and so we joined a class with the Positive Pet Project.  Brooke suggested we let Chiquita get familiar with the surroundings at the school first. We met with Brooke two times while a class was running, walking her around, not joining in. We repeated this for another two weeks, before we finally started the class with Chris in November. The course was great and Chris made it easy for us to give it a go and succeed. Chiquita gained confidence after every class and graduated with flying colours. We will be back for the Advanced Class soon. We also had private sessions with Brooke visiting our property. She showed us how to improve the way we introduce family and friends to Chiquita and also gave us great tips on how we can enrich her life while we are at work. It is fantastic and fascinating how positive behaviour training works! Thanks so much to the Positive Pet Project crew. 

Denise and Anthony Gaehler1st January 2017

Meet Brooke Foy

IMG_1983Brooke is the owner and Managing Director of The Positive Pet Project (formerly IntaDOGZ Dog Training). Not only does Brooke bring a lifetime of experience training animals, a 20-year career as a social worker means that Brooke can relate to humans as well as she can relate to their pets – which is the key to the success of The Positive Pet Project. Read more

The Positive Pet Project is all about the science of animal training. We are experts in the latest scientifically proven techniques for ensuring your animals not only learn, but understand and remember. We use the same positive techniques for your pet that trusted professional trainers use in zoos and shelters worldwide. They are techniques that are safe and enjoyable, and ultimately effective, for both you and your pet.

In-home Puppy Training

We offer two types of  in-home puppy classes, with Puppy Classes catering to puppies aged 8-12 weeks, and Senior Puppy Classes for dogs aged 13-24 weeks.

Our Puppy Class programs are designed to help you create a lasting bond with your new pup.

You will learn the fundamentals of how your puppy learns and communicates, and the best way to train the newest member of your family.

In-home Adult Dog Training

Many owners don’t know where to turn once their puppy classes are over – because training your dog doesn’t end just because the classes do!

Dogs still have so much to learn after they reach six months of age. Our adult dog classes cater to owners and dogs aged six months and older, teaching you the fundamentals of how your dog learns and communicates, and the most effective way to continue training your dog.

Behaviour Consults

Does your dog constantly jump up, dig holes in your lawn, bark and lunge at other dogs, or chew up your outdoor furniture? Our one-on-one Behaviour Consultations are designed to address specific problem behaviours.

The behaviour expert at the Positive Pet Project will meet you and your dog and develop a thorough training plan so that you can learn how to modify your dog’s behavior and focus on areas of concern.

Cats & other pets

We’re not just for dogs!

Did you know that you can train any of your pets using the know-how of The Positive Pet Project’s trainers?

Private training sessions and behaviour consultations are now available for kittens / cats, birds and even mice and rats. Your sessions will be tailored to cover the behaviours and topics you want to cover because we focus on just you and your pet.

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