About The Positive Pet Project

The Positive Pet Project offers pet training and behavior consulting that focuses on both pets and their owners. We show you how to train your pet using the best, scientifically proven training techniques – so you and your pet can truly understand one another.

The Positive Pet Project is all about the science of animal training. We are experts in the latest scientifically proven techniques for ensuring your animals not only learn, but understand and remember. We use the same positive techniques for your pet that trusted professional trainers use in zoos and shelters worldwide. They are techniques that are safe and enjoyable, and ultimately effective, for both you and your pet.

The Positive Pet Project provides a full range of pet training services including:

  • In-home Private Puppy  and Senior puppy training
  • In-home PrivateBasic and advanced skills Training for adult dogs
  • One-on-one in home training for dogs and other pets including cats and birds
  • Behaviour consultations and assessments
  • Guest speaking
  • Training the trainer

Our trainers can also provide training and behaviour consultations for animal shelters and zoos.

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There are three things that dog training should always be – positive, planned and fun. At The Positive Pet Project, our trainers don’t train your dog – we teach you how to train your dog. The skills and knowledge you acquire will grow your bond with your pet, give you a greater understanding of how dogs learn, and help you to build a lifetime of trust and love.