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About Us

The Positive Pet Project offers pet training and behavior consulting that focuses on both pets and their owners. We show you how to train your pet. Our trainers are qualified experts in the latest scientifically proven techniques and have a knack for explaining them in ways you and your animal will understand.

All our training is customised which means that we design our services around you, your situation and your environment. Our clients see their pets as part of their family and we pride ourselves in the ability to help our clients build their relationships through better communication and create better lives together.


Our team

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Brooke Foy

Brooke Foy is the owner of The Positive Pet Project and is a Delta Institute Certified Professional Dog Trainer (MDI) (CPDT). She is a highly skilled evidence-based positive reinforcement trainer and animal behaviour expert who is passionate about assisting people to create and build a trusting relationships with their pets.


Caedmon Foy

Co-founder of The Positive Pet Project
Business Development Manager

The Positive Pet Project uses science based, positive reinforcement approach to teaching animals without the use of force or corrections.

This means using humane training and behaviour modification techniques to teach animals what we want them to do, investigating and addressing the root cause of behaviour rather than relying on methods to temporarily suppress or punish it, and managing the environment so that problem behaviours aren’t practiced and desirable behaviours are easily achieved.

Teaching animals by motivating them and reinforcing the behaviours we want ensures, we do no harm, it’s effective, and leads to better relationships between animals and their people. This is true for all animals (even humans), regardless of species, breed, age, size, or temperament. 

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