Professional Pet Guild Force Free Summit Tampa Florida

Just as there are constant developments and research in medical science there are also constant research and developments in animal behavioural science that influences what we know about the best was to train animals.

With this in mind Brooke Foy, the Managing Director of The Positive Pet Project, is off to the Professional Pet Guild Force Free Summit in Tampa, Florida from 11th to 13th November.

The summit will build a stronger collaboration of force-free pet professionals, and help support and build communication and networking opportunities with the veterinary community and veterinary educators.

Brooke will attend all three days, attending lectures related to positive training and building positive relationships between dogs and humans. She is particularly excited to hear the keynote speaker Dr. Karen Overall (pictured) – a renowned Veterinary Behaviourist – and to meet colleagues from all over the world, to share experiences, knowledge and expertise.

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